Mimosa Shot Feminized Seeds – (Herbies)

Experience the exhilarating potency of Mimosa Shot by Herbies Seeds, boasting a remarkable 30% THC content. This indica-dominant hybrid, born from Mimosa and Fruit Punch, delivers a delightful citrus-infused euphoria. With an easy growing process and abundant yields, it’s a must-have for both novice and experienced growers alike.


Introducing Mimosa Shot by Herbies Seeds – a high-flying strain boasting a staggering 30% THC content. This potent hybrid, born from the marriage of Mimosa and Fruit Punch, delivers a citrus-infused euphoria that’s second to none. Expect a bountiful yield of up to 800 g/m² (2.6 oz/ft²) indoors, accompanied by a mesmerizing purple hue. With a flowering time of just 55-65 days, she’s a delight for both novice and seasoned growers alike.

Brand Herbies Seeds
Type of seeds Feminized
Type of seeds Photoperiod
Suitable for growing Indoor, Outdoor
Effect Unapologetic glee
Genetics Mimosa x Fruit Punch
Height Indoors: 65 – 80 cm<br>Outdoors: 140 – 180 cm
Harvest Indoors: 600 – 800 g/m²<br>Outdoors: 1300 – 1600 g/plant
Indoor flowering time 55 – 65 days
% Sativa/ Indica/ Ruderalis 35% Sativa / 65% Indica
THC 30%

Mimosa Shot is your ticket to an intoxicating journey of happiness and relaxation. With an impressive genetic lineage and a THC content of 30%, she offers hard-hitting effects that lift your spirits and carry you to new heights. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or enjoying a weekend with friends, Mimosa Shot’s tangy citrus flavor and uplifting buzz make every moment memorable.

With a terpene profile rich in limonene, Mimosa Shot is the ultimate mood enhancer. Her tantalizing aroma of juicy citrus and candy-like sweetness captivates the senses, while her flavor profile delights with hints of spice and sweet peppercorn. Indoor growers will rejoice in her dense, resinous buds, while outdoor cultivators can expect towering plants reaching heights of 1.8m (70″).

Growers seeking an easy yet rewarding experience will find Mimosa Shot to be a dream come true. Employing low-stress training methods and allowing for proper curing post-harvest will ensure optimal results. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned cultivator, Mimosa Shot promises an abundant harvest and an unforgettable cannabis experience.

Don’t miss your chance to cultivate this exceptional strain. Grab your pack of Mimosa Shot feminized seeds from Herbies Seeds today and embark on a journey of cannabis cultivation excellence.


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